Best Affordable Ukuleles to Buy

Best Affordable Ukuleles

Tried and tested by Ms. B!

Parents and students regularly ask me for ukulele recommendations. I get the most requests for advice for buying a ukulele during three main seasons: the beginning of the school year, around Christmastime, and at the start of a new semester.

This list will expand over time as I discover new great ukuleles. 

I hope that this will be an easy link for you to share with parents and families. The most affordable ukulele is only $59

My #1 Choice

Cordoba Concert Ukulele

The Cordoba ukulele is the one that I own and I would repurchase if anything happened to it (knock on wood!) I received this as a gift and it didn't come with all of the extras that it comes with now. I think companies are trying to stay competitive in the market, so this uke now comes with everything a whole kit. 
I have owned my ukulele for about 10 years now, have traveled with it to different countries, and have let my students borrow. 

Cordoba Ukulele ~$119

What you get:
27" long Concert Ukulele
Austin Bazaar Beginner's Guide DVD
Polishing Cloth
Soft Case
Clip-On Electronic Tuner

My #2 Choice

Kaka Ukuleles

After reading TONS of product reviews, I reluctantly ordered Kaka ukuleles. Now I have happily recommended this ukulele to all of the parents who ask me for advice on buying a ukulele. This ukulele is beautiful, has a great sound, and is very durable. I have about 200 students who play these instruments weekly. You will be happy with either the tenor or the concert ukuleles. I prefer the tenor ukulele, but I am a fan of bigger instruments. 

Kaka Tenor Ukulele ~ $113

What you get:
26" long tenor ukulele
Padded soft case
Spare Italian Aquila strings
Clip-on Electronic Tuner

Kaka Concert Ukulele ~ $93

23" long concert ukulele
Padded oft case
Spare Italian Aquila Strings
Clip-on Electronic Tuner

My #3 Choice

Oscar Schmidt

The only reason that Oscar Schmidt is #3 is because the instrument didn't come with all of the extras that the Kaka ukuleles came with. The Oscar Schmidt ukuleles included extra strings, but no soft case. I have had the Oscar Schmidt ukuleles the longest and I trust these ukuleles very much. I wanted to buy more of them, but they were sold out, which tells me that they are popular among buyers. 

Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele $59.50

Click here to order the Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele
What you get:
Just the ukulele! That's why it's so affordable

Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele Bundle Package

Click here to order the Oscar Schmidt OU2 Mahogany Concert Ukulele Bundle
What you get:
Concert Ukulele
Austin Bazaar Beginner's Guide DVD
Polishing Cloth
Soft Case
Clip-On Electronic Tuner

Kala Soprano Ukulele

Although I have not tested out this ukulele brand myself, Kala ukuleles have wonderful reviews. Here's a Kala ukulele review from one of my colleagues

Order Directly from Amazon

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