C Chord Ukulele Tutorial

Ukulele Chord Tutorials

Notes in C Major Chord:


This video seeks to fix two problems facing chord learners today;
1 - proper hand position
2 - knowing the names of the notes in a chord 

I want my students to know that a chord is a combination of notes played together at the same time. Piano players know this intuitively, as they consciously press specific keys to create musical combinations. 

I also noticed that using traditional chord charts created a variety of hand positions in my students. I want ALL my students to use the same hand positions and finger placement when playing chords.

After watching the tutorial above, test yourself. Practice reading along to the playalong practice below.

I also created a ukulele chord reference book with the ukulele chords with note names and finger positions. You can check this out here:

Ukulele Chord Reference Book by Music Resources by Bernadette on Teachers Pay Teachers


Please note: if your class uses a different hand position, and you use my videos in your class, please let me know! Leave a comment in the box below. 

Happy teaching, happy learning!

-Ms. B

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