Teach Music Notation with Ukulele!

Last year I asked myself this question? Why is it that band students and piano students learn how to read music notation, but ukulele and guitar students typically don't? I had 2 answers:
1. Most people who play guitar and ukulele (without reading music notation) read tablature and chord charts.
2. There aren't a lot of resources and incentives out there for people to learn how to read music notation with these instruments. 

I grew up learning how to read music with the Accent on Achievement books and playing my saxophone. Inspired by that scaffolded method, I created my own resource for learning how to read music notation with the ukulele. 

This resource is 45 pages long, has a full color version and a printer-friendly black & white version. 
To see the resource in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, click here

Learn How To Read Music Notation

with Ukulele

Want to see this resource in action? Watch this video

Resource Preview

All of these pages are also available in black & white when you download the resource.
Scroll down to see a sample of the black & white versions of the resource. 

Unit 2 Coming March 2017

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