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Supporting Music Educators
Debbie O'Shea

Crescendo Music Education, started in the year 2000, came about as a bit of an idealistic thought from Debbie O’Shea. Simply put, she wanted to support and connect music educators. 

Music Teaching is a very important job, often the heart and soul of a school, yet it is often very isolating. Why should we all sit in our space, feeling alone, with no one else on staff truly understanding our work? Why not exchange ideas, reinvigorate our teaching with ideas and inspiration from others? Hence, Crescendo Music Education was born. 

If you are a music teacher, you have probably already used Crescendo Music Education's Resources. Here's an example of a video that I use every week with my students to review eighth notes, quarter notes, and quarter rests. We watch the video two times. The first time I have the students visualize themselves clapping and counting the rhythm in their heads. No sounds, no claps! The second time we watch the video, we clap and count the rhythms. 
The students ALWAYS look forward to the end of the video when they get to shout, "YAY!!!!" 

Vocal Solfege Training

Here is another excellent resource from Crescendo Music Education's YouTube Channel. It is a simple "Sing After Me" video where the students have to listen and imitate short melodies using solfege. 

Connect with Crescendo Music Education

As soon as you land on the website, make sure and sign up for the free newsletter! Sign up on the front page of the web site. You will be kept up to date with new files for members, workshops, but ALWAYS there will be freebies and just a touch of humour!

The Crescendo YouTube Clips are a great resource for the classroom. They are a fun way to practice known rhythmic and melodic concepts. They are particularly helpful on ‘Sore throat’ days.

The Teachers Pay Teachers store is still small, but has some of the resources available for members are listed on the shop.

Will keep you well informed about upcoming workshops and workshop repeats. Some really interesting discussions and sharing of teaching ideas happen here. 

Pinterest is such a constant source of inspiration. Crescendo adds a great deal here!

Keep in touch, get ideas, and have an occasional laugh!

Also connecting music educators


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