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Throughout your ukulele progress you may need to contact me if you have questions, so here are some links for you to reach me:
You can also write a comment on this post. 
Give me about 12 hours to get back to you.

Unit 1: First Things First

1. Buy ukulele
2. Buy tuner or download tuner app on smartphone
3. Stretch strings
4. Learn how to tune ukulele

Skip the steps that you have already done ;)

1. Buy Ukulele

In this video you will see the ukuleles that I recommend and that I have used in the classroom. Keep in mind that these ukuleles stood the test of time. They were played by hundreds of elementary students every week and they continued to sound great. That's why I am confident that they will serve you well. 

My recommended ukuleles 

(mentioned in the video above)

Something to keep in mind

New ukuleles tend to have new strings.
Whenever you tune a new ukulele, you stretch the strings. 
Imagine that you have a rubber band and you stretch it by pulling in opposite ways with both hands. Even though the rubber band can stretch quite a bit, it wants to go back to its original size. Strings are a lot like this. When you tune a string, you stretch it. You may have to tune and re-tune often in the beginning until your strings stretch and take their new shape. 

2. Buy Tuner & 3. Stretch Strings

Buying a tuner is not necessary if you have a smartphone. I repeat, buying a tuner is not necessary if you have a smartphone. Simply download the Pano Tuner app and you will be happy :)
I do, however, recommend that you stretch the strings using the technique I show in this video. Stretching the strings will enable your ukulele to hold tune faster and longer. 

4. Learn How To Tune

I am going to sound harsh, but I don't really like the videos on YouTube that "explain" how to use a clip-on tuner. The people making the video don't really cater their video to people who are absolute beginners, so I will be making a video about this.
Meanwhile, here's the best one I can provide you with. 
If you find a better video, let me know! We can all benefit from your suggestion!

Unit 2: Foundations

5. Learn how to hold the ukulele
6. Learn how to play C chord
7. Learn how to play Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Unit 3: First Chords 

8. Learn how to play A minor chord (Am)
9. Learn how to switch between A minor and C

8. A minor Chord Tutorial

9. Switching between chords 

Unit 4: F and G7 Chord Progressions

10. Learn how to play F chord
11. Learn how to play G7 chord

10. F Chord Tutorial

11. G7 Chord Tutorial

Unit 5: Chord Progressions

12. Learn how to play C - F - C - G7 Chord Progression
13. Learn how to C - Am - F - G7 Chord Progression

12. C-F-C-G7 Chord Progression

13. C-Am-F-G7 Chord Progression

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  1. I purchased an enya smart ukelele. Can you help me get started


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