Music Classroom Tour!

Come See My Classroom!

Who doesn't love a classroom tour?

Thank you so much for coming. I am a music classroom teacher working on an American air base in Okinawa, Japan. 
Here is a table of contents, just in case there is something specific you'd like to see!

Introduction 0:00
Boomwhacker Storage & Percussion Storage 0:41
PCS and Absenses 1:27
Work Stations 2:04
Rhythm Books 2:25
Ukulele Workbooks 3:02
Ukulele Sticker System 3:45
My Teacher Desk 4:14
Storage Closet 6:38
My Workspace 7:30
The Whole Classroom 9:01
Outtro 9:07

Starting a ukulele program?

Here are the ukuleles I recommend ;) I have tried and tested these in my classrooms before! They are child-proof (well, almost)


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