My Spring Break

Maldives 2017

Teachers work hard.
REALLY hard.
Teachers forget to also party hard.
So, in hopes of encouraging you to stop cleaning and organizing the kitchen pantry and taking a trip instead, here I go!

You don't need to fly anywhere. Sometimes just booking a hotel with a nice view away from home is enough. But, if flying is within your schedule, the go for t.
This week we traveled to the Maldives. Our entire trip, 5 days in the Maldives (plus two travel days), cost us under $1,000.

That's because my husband accumulates miles like crazy.
One week I'm using one credit card, next week I'm using another. I don't understand the system, but I support it. We pay off the credit card balance every month and we don't spend more "just because" we have to spend money.

So here are a few pictures from our trip.

waiting at the airport with my ukulele and my purse
I have been spending a lot more time growing my YouTube channel, so I was determined to take the ukulele with me and record a few videos while I was in the Maldives. I was sure that the videos I took would look great because of the scenery there.
The ukulele I traveled with is my current favorite. It's the Lanikai Tenor Ukulele. Here's a link to it on the Amazon store, if you're interested!
I don't fly with any check-in baggage, so all I had was my backpack and my purse. My husband had his backpack and my uke. The flight attendants and staff let us carry it on, which was fantastic!

small shop across from the ferry stop

walking through the alleys during sunset

my husband on our boat tour to find manta and whale shark
the whale shark literally swam right under me!

photo of the manta we swam with

I'm encouraging my husband to start his own blog where he teaches how to travel on a budget. As soon as he does, I will add links here!

Here is a link to my new favorite ukulele (the one I traveled with on this trip)


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