Teaching Left-Handed Ukulele

Teaching Left-Handed Ukulele

Fun fact: in my 2 and a half years working in a Japanese school I never had a left-handed student. I believe the students all had to use their right hand for everything, so my students never requested a lefty ukulele.

Now that I work in an American school things have changed. I have left-handed students in every class. Now that my YouTube channel is growing I have had subscribers request resources for left-handed players. 

In this blog post I will collect left-handed resources as I make and find them on the internet.

Lefty Ukulele Tuning

This video is just to get you started.

When setting up lefty ukuleles you have three options:

1. Change all the strings
2. Change only the center strings
3. Change only the tuning
For the video below I have only changed the tuning.

After tuning your ukulele, move to the ukulele chord tutorials below!

Reading Chord Charts

Here is a wonderful video that helped me get some ideas for teaching lefties. I highly recommend you watch this if you want to understand how lefties will read the chord charts you've created/printed with right-handed students in mind. 

Chord Charts for Your Class

If you don't have chord charts, I've got you covered. I created these chord charts for my students and I LOVE them because they have the names of the notes within each chord. This way, students will not only learn chord shapes, but also know what note each string is producing. These chord charts also help the students communicate with their fellow piano/boomwhacker players on what notes they need to play if they are jamming together ;)

Ukulele Chord Tutorials

C Major Chord

A Minor Chord

New videos will be posted weekly

Next chord will appear live here!

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Look no further ;)

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