Music Teacher Gift Ideas

Music Teacher Gift Ideas

I was recently scrolling through my news feed when I saw a post with teachers talking about the favorite gifts they have received from students and families over the years. 
Some teachers talked about their growing collection of mugs and, even though they were grateful, they wished that they could somehow communicate to students that other gifts would be more... exciting!

So I went on Amazon and looked for gift ideas for teachers. My priority was to find top-rated products that were affordable. You'll see that some of my recommendations are only $6 while some are as fancy as $40 ;)

Option 1

The first recommendation is a jewelry recommendation. What I like about gifting jewelry is that you don't need to know the teacher's clothing sizes or favorite color. These jewelry pieces come in small packages, so you'll save on the shipping cost as well. 


$15 - $25

Option 2

My second recommendation is also a safe option. Accessories like scarves are lightweight, easy to wear, and there are many color options available once you click on the links below. If you're going for the most cost-efficient option, scarves are the way to go. They are so affordable you may even want to buy two; one for your child and one for the teacher to match! 


$6 - $16

Option 3

I would only recommend this option if you know the teacher's pants size. For that reason, I wasn't going to add this option, but I just fell in love with these leggings. I will most likely be ordering these for myself in the fall (for my birthday)! I'm probably going to wear them when I'm going on a long flight and need something comfortable. They'll probably also be a conversation-starter.


$11 - $27

Option 4

If you give a teacher school supplies, planners, notebooks, or pens, you're probably going to make your teacher VERY happy. With that in mind, here's the journal/academic planner section of the gifts. 

Academic Year Planners

$15 - $22

Option 5

Along the same lines as Option 4, flare pens are all the craze with teachers. We use these on our planners, our journals, for grading, and during meetings. There's something so beautiful about the color ink and the tip makes it feel like you're using a marker to write.
If you buy these for your teacher, I recommend you put them in a mason jar and write your teacher a nice card/letter telling them how much you appreciate them. 

Flare Pens

$6 - $14

Option 6 

This is the pricier category, but it is also very safe. You don't need to know the teacher's clothing size, favorite color, or home decor style because these lamps can be displayed at school, on the teacher's desk. I have an IKEA lamp that looks a lot like the musical notation sport silver lamp and I really like how it looks, especially when all other lights are off.


$32 - $40


  1. These are fantastic ideas! I absolutely love the necklaces and scarves! So lovely!

  2. I Loved hen i received a gift card!!! Jewelry was nice too because when you wear it, you will remember that cild that gave it to you!!!

  3. Oooooo, Brilliant! Personally, I never turn down a Starbucks gift card, either. :) But recently, when getting gifts for my son's teachers, I tried to branch out a little. I went and looked up a lovely little pastry shop that was well known and loved in the community and got a gift card to that one, rather than the well known coffee shop. Go local when you can, right?

  4. Great ideas! I think one of my children's music teachers would love a necklace. I think I'm buying their male teacher a bottle of wine ��. (My youngest has given him a run for his money this year)

    1. I thought about adding wine and journal/planners to the list! I may just do it :P

  5. Awesome Gift Ideas! My favorite is the leggings with musical notes! They look super comfy and super fun!


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