Learning SANSHIN 三線 ~ Week 1 Progress

This past weekend I purchased my first sanshin!!! I am SO excited. I have been wanting to learn how to play this instrument, but had not found the right teacher.

This all happened because one of my former professors from Cal Poly contacted me asking if I could help him find a sanshin (he would be playing a piece written for the sanshin and I was the only person in Okinawa he knew).

As I searched for the right sanshin for my professor, I came across a store where they
1. had high quality sanshin instruments
2. gave lessons
3. spoke English!!!

Even though I speak enough Japanese to get around and meet new people, I wanted to find a teacher who spoke English so that I could ask questions and get detailed instructions.

I will be going to my sanshin lessons every Tuesday and Friday and will be recording progress videos on the weekend.

The sanshin is the traditional instrument of Okinawa. It is believed that the instrument came from China before Okinawa was part of Japan.
The word sanshin literally means "3 strings."

I hope that you enjoyed this video and learned a few new things about this instrument!

Watch someone play and sing Tinsagu Nu Hana with actual skills

Watch my inspiration for wanting to learn the Sanshin

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