Learning How To Play Sanshin! 三線 (Progress Videos)

Buying My Sanshin

While shopping for a sanshin for a former professor of mine, I recently came across an Okinawan shop manned by a lovely Okinawan couple who speak English and teach Sanshin. Even though I originally went into their shop to buy a Sanshin, I came out of there enrolled in Sanshin lessons. 

Determined to go to class with my own Sanshin, I spent the next weekend looking for the perfect instrument. You can see my shopping vlog below

I did a quick google search and looked for Sanshin shops near my home, but ended up at a parking lot instead. There is an area of Okinawa called Koza Music Town and even though Google didn't yield any sanshin shop search results, I thought I would try my luck and go there anyway. 

We arrived at Teruya music shop and didn't see any Sanshin. The employees at the shop directed us to another shop, where they exclusively made and sold Sanshin. 

The Teruya Sanshin shoppin experience was incredible. They were so warm and welcoming. They even served us tea and snacks while we were there. 

Buy A Sanshin

If you would like to buy a Sanshin, I found a store that ships! Their link is www.sanshinshop.com
For $20 off your next Sanshin purchase, let them know you heard about them through Bernadette Teaches Music, the YouTube channel. (I don't make money off of this, I just help spread the love of Sanshin!)

Progress Video 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

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