30 Day Uke Challenge

How long does it take to be a "good" ukulele player? 

Have you ever wanted to play ukulele but don’t know where to begin? 
The 30 Day Uke Challenge with Bernadette Teaches Music is the perfect place to start! 
With this challenge you will learn the fundamentals of playing a ukulele through videos and a free guide, complete with chord charts and helpful tips. 

There are 30 videos, each one focusing on a key concept to help you grow as a ukulele player. 
By the end of this challenge, you will be able to play songs you’ve heard on the radio, use different strumming patterns, fingerpick the melody of a song, and use music theory to transpose any song to match the key of your voice. 

You’ll begin by learning the anatomy of your ukulele, how to tune it, and how to properly hold your instrument. Spending time with your instrument is key, so there will be simple homework assignments to practice what you learn. 

The printable PDF resource has everything you need to review concepts learned in each video, along with helpful tips. After just 10 days, you’ll know how to read music, strum your uke, and play several chords. You’ll even learn your first song! 

Continuing with the lessons you’ll learn how to do the island strum (DDU UDU) and what a “chuck” is. This challenge also teaches you how to play an essential song for family and friends—“Happy Birthday.” 

You may be surprised to find out that by knowing just four chords you can play many songs you hear on the radio. To build your repertoire, Bernadette will teach you 20 of the most useful chords on the ukulele. 

For the final challenge, you will play the iconic ukulele song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in the style of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. At the end of this 30 Day Uke Challenge you’ll be ready to play many of your favorite songs, add different strumming patterns, and use the PDF guide as a resource as you continue on your ukulele journey. 

To join the uke community, upload your videos on Instagram with the hashtag #30dayUKEchallenge. What are you waiting for? Grab your ukulele and let’s get started! Happy strumming!

Here you will find all of the videos in the 30 Day Uke Challenge. Feel free to take this challenge at your own pace. 

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  1. Bernadette is an amazing teacher who really makes learning the ukulele fun. I encourage anyone with even a little interest to give it a try.


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