Ukulele Love Songs Challenge



Wise men say only fools rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with “uke.” 

That’s right- this next challenge is called “Fall in Love with Uke.” This ukulele challenge includes 10 beautiful love songs chosen by the ukulele community. Which ukulele can you use for this challenge? All of them! The easy video tutorials include chords for soprano, concert, tenor, and even baritone ukuleles. 

During this challenge you’ll learn new chords, syncopated strumming patterns, and fingerpicking. The first song in the challenge is an easy one to play, “Love Me Tender” by Elvis. You’ll learn a new chord, Fm, but don’t fret; this song is taught line by line. 

All videos include the chord charts for GCEA and DGBE ukuleles so you can play along no matter which uke you’re using. There are lyrics at the bottom of the screen so you can sing along, too. 

“Fly Me to the Moon” is the most challenging song to play because of the new chords. 
Bernadette spends a lot of time explaining the chord shapes and going over switching chords, which makes the experience easier. This song will help you grow out of your comfort zone, and the jazzy feel of this song makes it a fun one to play over and over again. 

“Fall in Love with Uke” also challenges you to use fingerpicking in the song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis. You will also practice leading, which means thinking in advance about the next chord you will be changing to. 

The last few songs in this challenge will focus on incorporating new rhythms into your strumming. Each song has several options for strumming patterns, ranging from beginner to extremely difficult, so you can choose the one that works best for you. 

The song “I’m Yours” includes four easy chords but a challenging muted strum with a reggae beat. 

The song “Ho Hey” has a ghost strumming pattern that fits the song perfectly but will take some time to master. And “All of Me” will challenge you to play a song with a syncopated beat. 

By day 10 of this love song challenge, you will be amazed at how you pushed yourself to learn so many new chords, strumming patterns, and lovely songs. And after seeing the video tutorials you will fall more in love with your uke. 

By day five of this challenge I was already inspired by Bernadette to buy my own baritone ukulele, and I’m so glad I did. To join the ukulele community, be sure to upload your videos on Instagram with the hashtag #fallinlovewithuke. Happy strumming!


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