Ukulele Yoga - E Chord Workout & Stretches

Breathe in and breathe out! Today we begin Ukulele Yoga! A series that will help you relax and breathe into difficult chord positions.

Our first chord will be E chord. 
Many people struggle with E chord and I totally understand why! This chord requires 4 fingers and 3 frets. It's especially difficult to get into if you're coming from another chord and need to arrive there quickly.

This tutorial will help you get to the E chord shape slowly. The objective of this series is to give you a daily workout that you eventually outgrow.

Please let me know which chord you'd like to do next

E Chord Certificate

Once you have mastered E chord, print out the certificate and display it ;)

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  1. I like Playing Crazy by Gnarls Barkley and they constantly use the E chord. I is a hard transition but i liked your explanation seems so simple


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