Ukulele Yoga - B Chord Workout and Stretches

Breathe in and breathe out! Today we continue Ukulele Yoga! A series that will help you relax and breathe into difficult chord positions.

Our first chord will be B chord. 
B chord is a barre chord that many people struggle with because it requires one finger to hold down multiple strings and it requires other fingers to hold down on string each.

This tutorial will help you get to the B chord shape slowly. Practice 7 days in a row to see a difference in your B chord shape. The objective of this series is to give you a daily workout that you eventually outgrow.


Once you have mastered B chord, print out the certificate and display it ;)


  1. Ms.B. Thankyou for the lesson.
    What a beautiful ukulele! Green is my favorite color. If it's on a ukulele with a slotted headstock,
    I'm in Nirvana! Thanks again!

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