Make Your Ukulele Look Expensive - Ukulele Inlay Decal

Today we will be giving our ukuleles an upgrade that is SUPER affordable.

While browsing instagram the other day I came across a page that had inlay stickers for guitars and ukuleles. When I scrolled through the page, I got inspired to give my ukuleles a facelift. I had seen people adding stickers to their Nova ukuleles and I wanted to do this with mine too.  

I used three different inlay stickers in this video. I found the links for two of these on Amazon. The first sticker I installed was the blue hummingbird. This one costs approximately $8. Here's the link for that one:

The third sticker (the fretboard sticker) costs approximately $12 on amazon. You can find the link to that one here:  There are many more options available on their site, instagram account, and on amazon. I hope that you like this affordable alternative to decorating ukuleles :) 

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