How To Play E Chord - Crash Course

 How To Play E Chord - Crash Course

Maybe it is a little crazy to make a 14 minute video about the E chord, but this is the chord that most people hate and avoid. Instead of seeing this as a long video, think about it this way: you are 14 minutes from being able to play this chord.  

This video will show you 5 different ways to play E chord. We will spend the most time on method 1, as this is the most popular one and, once it has been mastered, is the easiest to transition to and from. 

TIME STAMPS 💙💙💙 (Skip ahead or go back) 

E Chord Option 1 - 0:53 

E Chord Option 2 - 5:55 

E Chord Option 3 - 8:04 

E Chord Option 4 - 9:44 

E Chord Option 5 - 11:01

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Ukuleles Mentioned and Used

Enya EUS 25D in Soprano Size 

Enya X1 Tenor Ukulele 

Enya Nova Ukulele

I have been using Enya ukuleles for years and I have been so happy with the quality and price point. All of these ukuleles come with accessories and gig bags or cases. Any time I recommend ukuleles on my channel and website, I think, "would I use these ukuleles in my music classroom?" or "would I recommend these ukuleles to my in-person students?" and if the answer is yes, I use them in my videos. 


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