Top 20 Ukulele Chords to Memorize

 20 Most Used Ukulele Chords

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Have you noticed that most songs have chords in common? There is a hierarchy in the ukulele chord world and if we learn the most used chords (and memorize them), we can play most songs. 

Compare this to learning a language... you don't have to learn all the words to be able to speak a language, you just need to learn the most frequently used ones. -This is what we are doing today.

Use the video above to practice and memorize all the chords today!

 Chords in order of repetition

This list begins with the most used chord, C, and ends with the least used of the top 20 chords. Memorize these and you'll see more flow in your practice. 

  1. C
  2. G
  3. F
  4. D
  5. Am
  6. A
  7. Dm
  8. Bb
  9. D7
  10. G7
  11. Em
  12. E7
  13. A7
  14. Bm
  15. C7
  16. B
  17. E
  18. Eb
  19. Fm
  20. Gm


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