How to Read Music Notation with Ukulele! Free 10 Day Course!!


Learn how to read music with ukulele...  

Today we begin a new and different type of challenge! This is Unit 1 is learning how to read music notation. with ukulele.  We will be using classical music to learn how to read music notation.  

Unit 1 will consist of 10 videos. A new video will be published every 3 days. 

Patreon members will receive play-alongs to go along with the worksheets.   

Getting ready 

  • Commit to a ukulele to play throughout this challenge 
  • Print the song sheet every day we have a tutorial 
  • Create a comfortable place to practice 
  • Review daily 
Free printable here
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Introduction video

YouTube video link:

Day 1

YouTube video link:

Day 2

YouTube video link:

Day 3

YouTube video link:


YouTube video link:

Day 4

YouTube video link:

Day 5

YouTube video link

Day 6 Coming soon...

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