When should I change the strings on my ukulele?

Many of us are intimidated by the idea of changing our ukulele strings.  

We hope that it's a task we can put off to sometime in the future so we procrastinate or we ignore it altogether.  

Changing the strings on your ukulele will be a little bit like learning how to tie your shoe laces; if you are alone and without guidance, it seems impossible.  

It is also so hard to tell when it is time to change the strings on your ukulele.   

Today's video answers a question that was submitted by one of you!  The question was about ukulele strings:  how do we know when it's time to change the strings and how often should we do it?   

  • To answer this question you schedule your string changes or you can use the signs your strings give you.  Time-based string changes: you should change the strings 3-4 times a year on a ukulele you play regularly.   
  • Sign-based string changes: if your ukulele no longer has the full bright sound it once had (the sound is now dull), if a string has popped, or if there are indentations on the strings where they meet the fret wires, it is time to change the strings.  

Note: If you have wound strings (like a low G), you will see rust and loss of color on strings that need to be changed.     

If you have any tips that will help us identify strings that need to be changed, please comment these below!


X1 Ukulele in tenor from Enya Music 


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  1. Hi, Bernadette.

    I have been using the first ten lessons of your Barilelechallenge as my introduction to playing this beautiful instrument. How do I see the remainder of the series?

    Enjoy all your baritone uke lessons. Thanks.


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