Detailed Prices & Discounts for Amazon Prime Deals on Enya Ukuleles

Dear Ukulele lovers, 

Amazon is currently having its Prime Day sale and I'd like to share with you the types of deals and discounts you can expect for each ukulele. 

Enya ukuleles are on Prime Day sale on ALL Amazon marketplaces. ALL!

1. Enya Nova

Enya Nova ukuleles come in a variety of colors and include a case, strap and capo that all match the color of the ukulele. The Prime Day price for these ukuleles is
The 25D ukulele is a great starter ukulele that comes in a blue finish and a natural wood finish. The Prime Day price for this instrument is remarkable considering that this mahogany ukulele comes with a gig bag and accessories. 

3. All Solid Mahogany (MS) Ukulele

The all solid mahogany ukulele comes in a blue color as well as a natural wood tone. This ukulele bundle includes a gig bag, replacement strings, an accessories bag, a strap, a clip-on tuner and more. 

4. Bernadette Signature Bougainvillea Ukulele

This is a collaboration project that I worked on with Enya. I loved the design of the MAD ukulele in their line, but hoped that we could enhance the model by bringing in a new, vibrant color, a beautiful inlay, and some customization with the accessories and gig bag. 


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