Bernadette in Okinawa, Japan!

Your name

Bernadette Etcheverry

Your Teacher Name

Ms. B (Bernadette and Etcheverry are both long and uncommon!)

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Where in the world do teach?

Okinawa, Japan


American (with Mexican parents)

Where did you earn your music degree?

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

What language(s) do you speak in the classroom?

We speak English and Japanese (sometimes a combination of both, aka Jangrish)

Which grade levels do you teach?

1st grade
2nd grade
3rd grade

Which instruments do you teach?

Pitched percussion

E-mail address

Other fun stuff you should know about me

I was born in California
I'm an only child.
I love cartoons.
I was vegetarian for 9 years.
I have always been a dog person, but the kitten in the picture was sick and homeless, so I guess I like cats now.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I am a uke newbie and have just found your 30 day uke challenge. Now a patreon :-)
    What a wonderful set of lessons. Your teaching style is so clear and I have found your guidance on thumb and hand position extremely helpful. I am looking forward to spending some time really working through the challenges. Thanks so much. Sharon
    Some info about me just for fun...I am 62 and live in the UK, am married with 2 grown up sons, have one sister, work part time as an optometrist, love dogs and animals in general, play piano, cello and flute (sometimes organ in my church) and like all things crafty.


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