Jingle Bells Key of C for Classroom Instruments

Jingle Bells Key of C for Classroom Instruments - Free Printable

I don't know about you, but I have spent HOURS on the internet trying to find songs that are in matching keys for all the instruments I teach in my classroom.

Well, I am tired of looking. Starting today, I am going to make the arrangements that I need and share them here with other teachers who are on the same boat.

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Click here: Jingle Bells Ukulele Tab

While writing this arrangement I understood why I can never find music in the same key for everyone... Making Jingle Bells in the key of C makes the ukulele players play almost exclusively on String A. 
Silver lining: it is a good challenge for my students to wander beyond the first 4 or 5 frets of their instrument. 

What I loved about this arrangement: I have not introduced guitars in my classroom yet, but this arrangement is the perfect tool. The song is familiar, which means the students will know what to look for as far as making the right sound goes, and the students will only play on 2 strings! 

Very little stress for both myself and the student!

While I am a big advocate for students learning how to read music notation without the note names written below, I also understand that there are many different situations that would make that very difficult. 
Some students are very young and still learning how to read note names, some students may be taking music as an elective and don't have enough time to practice reading note names, and/or students may be playing this arrangement on bells and boomwhackers.

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