Questions for Music Teachers to Ask at an Interview

My father once told me that an interview should be a little bit like a date. You should win over the person interviewing you, and they should also try to convince you that their school will offer you everything you've been looking for.

After thinking about interviews that way I held my head a little higher and walked in to the interview with a different mindset. With this new perspective, the interview panel had to convince me that their students were the students that I would want to invest my time and energy on and that their school environment synced with what I was looking for.

Here are the interview questions I asked at my last interview. 

  1. How many grade levels will I be teaching?
  2. How many classes are in each grade level?
  3. How many students are in each class?
  4. Where are music lessons held?
  5. Is this a shared space? 
  6. Are the students expected to perform at any events?
  7. What curriculum resources are available for me to use?
  8. What content standards is the music teacher at this school expected to follow?
  9. What opportunities for professional development and growth are available to me?
  10. What duties outside of teaching music would I be responsible for?
  11. What is the music budget available for me to use?
  12. Will I be expected to organize fundraisers to expand the budget?

Meet with the Music Teacher (if possible)

After my interview, I met with the outgoing music teacher and asked the following questions:

  1. What instruments do you have for the students to play?
  2. What music skills do they have now?
  3. What lessons do they enjoy with you?
  4. How often/where do your students perform?
  5. What type of technology equipment do you use in your lessons?
  6. How do you communicate with parents?
  7. Are there parents who do not speak/read English?
  8. What do you think I should know in order to be successful here?

Share the wealth, help the community:

What questions do you think we should ask during our interviews? Leave these in the comments below.


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