How to Host a Parents' Information Session for Beginning Band


Set a date

Preferably one or two weeks before the students are expected to play the instruments. Families will need time to buy all of the materials. Some families may also be on a budget, so they will really appreciate an early notice.

Book a venue

This can be your music room, if there is plenty of space. If not, book your school's multi-purpose hall or gymnasium.

Create a handout

Create an "Essential Accessories" document that lists what every student needs to buy.
This list must include your SCHOOL NAME, your name, and school e-mail address. Set your students up for success! Translate this document into the languages that student parents speak.

My list contains the following:

Trumpet/Cornet/Trombone/Euphonium/Tuba Players:
  • Plastic mouthpiece
  • Valve Oil
  • Polishing cloth
  • Optional: Accent on Achievement Book

Alto/Tenor Saxophone Players:
  • Box of 5 reeds
  • Cleaning swab
  • Oil-blotting sheets
  • Optional: Accent on Achievement Book

Partner with a music store

Visit music stores near/in your community and provide a laminated copy of your "Essential Accessories" list. Ask them to refer to this list when students come in to buy their instrument accessories.

Even better: Find a music store that will work with you to provide everything your students will need at a discounted price.

If you establish a partnership with a music store, they will also prevent your students from buying incorrect resources and equipment.

Invite the music store staff to come to your info session, set up a table with the items in your "Essential Accessories" list, and sell these items there.


Your presentation should be a mini orientation for the parents. I had a piano next to me that I used to explain instrument ranges and stress the importance of having a balance of high, middle, and low -sounding instruments. 

Here's a rough guideline for creating a presentation that will answer most questions
  • Purpose
  • Weekly schedule
  • Instruments offered
  • Instrument selection process
  • Materials provided by the school
  • Essential accessories students must provide on their own (shopping list)
  • Concert and performance details


Music store time. 

After you give the presentation, give parents the opportunity to browse the music store table, buy the accessories, and ask you questions. 

The parents at our information session used this time to ask me questions, buy the accessories for their child, and talk to other parents about the band program.

Shop online

If you ask your parents to shop online, and if they are new to the world of music equipment, I can almost guarantee that they will buy the cheapest products, even if you warned them against it. This is why it is best to have the music store there.


Let's be honest here and admit that sometimes the music store price is steep. The prices may discourage a family from having their child join band altogether and we don't want that!

That's why I created this post: Trumpet/Cornet Shopping List for Your Beginner. Give parents this link and have them choose from budget-friendly teacher-approved products. Please let me know if there's a product you need me to add on there for you. I will gladly do so!

For Brass

For Saxophones


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