Trumpet/Cornet Shopping List for Beginners

Trumpet/Cornet Essentials

For music teachers:
Many parents find that music store prices are too high and outside of their budget. It is always nice to provide some alternative options and budget-friendly products. This post contains both top-rated products and budget-conscious products.

Share this link with parents to help them find the accessories that will be useful for band. If there's something you'd like me to add or modify, leave me a comment below or email me at

For parents:
Here is a list of the top accessories your child will need for their trumpet or cornet. If you are new to the band world, welcome! When shopping around in the beginning, its best to stick with reputable brands like Yamaha and Selmer. After getting some more experience in the band world you will discover brands that fit your child's needs and your budget.

For the trumpet or cornet player:
Greetings and congratulations on your new journey in music! Playing a wind instrument will be one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences you will ever have. If you just got your first instrument, you can watch the video below to get you started.


Valve Oil

Keeps the valves lubricated and functioning properly

Yamaha Regular Valve Oil

Al Cass Fast Valve Oil

Tuning Valve Grease

Keeps the sliding parts from sticking to the instrument. Helps musician stay in tune.

Cleaning the instrument inside and out after every practice will keep the instrument functioning properly

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