D Chord Ukulele Tutorial

How to play D Chord on Ukulele

Want to learn how to play D chord on ukulele?

I will admit that D Chord is not a chord I introduce to my early beginners because it requires three fingers. I usually teach more popular two-finger chords first, but for the purpose of this video series, I decided to teach D Chord early on.

In addition to the video series, I also made chord charts with finger positions and note names on each strings. Unlike piano players, ukulele and guitar players don't always know the notes that make up a chord.

From now on, I will teach my students to think about chords as a combination of notes played together. I want my students to see that the only difference between chord C (C E G) and Am (A C E) is one note. 

The resource includes over 100 pages of chord charts and instructional guidelines to facilitate learning.

You can see this resource here:


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