Helping ELLs in the English-Speaking Music Classroom

If you have ELL/ELA/ESL students in your classroom, I highly recommend you print out the terms you use most in class, put them up somewhere everyone can see them, and refer to them during your lesson. Your language learners will have a light bulb moment, and your non ESL/ELA/ELL students will be excited at the opportunity of learning the music terms in the Spanish language.  

When I worked in a English immersion school in Uruma City, Japan, I created music posters bilingual (English/Japanese) music vocabulary posters that I would point to whenever I used a music term. 

The terms were written in English, Japanese, and included a definition. Over time I realized that the students never read the definition because seeing the term in Japanese was enough for them to understand. 

Now that I am back in an American classroom, I decided to make the terms in English and Spanish. I have skipped the definition portion of the poster to maximize the space for the term alone.

In this resource I have included

  • 100 music terms in English and Spanish
  • 5 glossary pages of terms
  • 1 color design with print font
  • 1 black & white design with print font
  • 1 color design with cursive font

You can see this resource on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store here

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