Making Music With Food!

The Vegetable Orchestra!

Do you ever have those days where your lesson plan is just not working out?
It's on these days that I rely on having a collection of creative, interesting, and engaging videos for my kids. 

How to make this educational

Ask guiding questions before or during the video, depending on the attention span your students have. 

Sample questions:

  • List the vegetables and other edible food items used in the performance
  • Describe the methods used to select vegetables for the performance 
  • How did the band members transform the vegetables into instruments 
  • How many instruments were used for the performance?
  • Which instrument(s) carried the melody?
  • How many days do you think these instruments can be played?
  • Which of the following instruments did the orchestra members make? Circle all that apply (Membranophones, Idiophones, Aerophones, Chordophones, Other. If other, describe why they don't fit into this category)

The most popular Vegetable Orchestra is from Vienna, but there are also other videos surfacing the internet with people who have become inspired to make instruments and music with food. 

These Chinese brothers also make music using vegetables. The video above shows the process they use to make their instruments. The video below shows their China's Got Talent performance. 


Encourage your students to go home and try to make an instrument from their food. Give students the opportunity to perform for the class using their food instrument! 

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