My New Favorite YouTube Band

Lucky Chops is the name of the group that became an internet sensation after their performance of Funky Town (and more) went viral. You can see that video of them performing at the NYC Subway Station below. As of today that video has way over 3 million views on YouTube.

Curious about how the group had responded to their sudden internet fame, I decided to look them up. I am happy to report that these guys have a YouTube channel of their own and they seem to be recording quality videos of their shows! Yay!!!

Here is a link to their channel:

My new favorite video of theirs is the first one at the top of this post. It's a mashup of Eye of the Tiger and Danza Kuduro, a song I heard all over Spain the summer of 2009.

Stop everything you're doing

and watch their cover of Adele's Hello. If you don't have time, just skip to 2:50 and thank me later. 

I am in love with the level of energy these guys put into their shows and I really look forward to their future performances. 

That bari sax player kills me. Can I have that energy please?!


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