Play A minor in 2 minutes!

Last week I focused on teaching C major chord. This was the first chord that my students learned. Along with teaching the first chord, I taught one group of students how to hold the ukulele and then I had them teach another group of students.

This week we will work on A minor chord. I will be using this video to teach the students. It helps me SO MUCH to have a video playing while I walk around the room and make corrections. It really is like having 2 teachers in the room. 
There is also something about having a video that makes the students listen better. Our students really were born in the age of technology. If I was to present the lesson in the same exact way that I presented it on the video, I wouldn't have as much as their attention. 

Whenever I teach a new chord it goes something like this:

  • I set the students up in pairs
  • I give 1 ukulele to 1 student in the pair
  • I play the YouTube video tutorial I recorded while the students watch
    • I make any adjustments and corrections as necessary
  • At the end of the video, I have tell the students who are playing the ukulele the following, "Please pass the ukulele to the person next to you. Please coach them on how to play C chord correctly. If they play it correctly, I will give your pair another ukulele so that you will have one for each of you."
  • Now the students are REALLY invested in making sure they partner masters the chord because they want to each have an instrument. 
Try this technique out and let me know how it goes ;)

Looking for ukuleles to buy?

People always ask for my recommendations, so I decided to get all my favorites together in one place. Here are the ones I have tried with my students or personally owned. My personal favorite right now is the Lanikai tenor ukulele with the blue soft case


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