Chord Playalong Practice C and Am

Chord Playalong Practice

C and Am - Ukulele School

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In today's video we will practice reading music notation and strumming! This chord playalong practice reviews chords C Major and A minor.


If you are a classroom teacher:

The first time you introduce this video
1. Have the students watch this video and clap it the first time
2. Ask the students to pay special attention to the chord symbols as they watch.
3. Depending on the grade level, students may watch the video a second time and as they clap, have them say "C" every time they would strum C and "A minor" or "A" every time they would strum Am.
4. Put the students in pairs and give 1 ukulele per pair.
5. One student will attempt to play along with the video, the other student will observe their partner to make sure they're playing the correct chord.
6. Have the students switch roles.
7. Use this video as a warm-up at the beginning of your ukulele practice each class. The more the students practice, the better they will get at switching chords without looking at their hands, following a pulse, and reading music notation.

If you are working by yourself:

1. Tune your ukulele
2. Set up a mirror or a camera in front of yourself and record your practice
3. Play along with the video. If you're using a mirror, look at your hands and make sure that you're playing the right chord. Try not to look down at your ukulele when you switch chords, use your mirror!
4. If you recorded yourself, play back the video and look at your hands. Your wrists should look relaxed and your fingers should be holding the right chord position.
5. Use this video at the beginning of your ukulele practice as a warm-up. The more you techniques like this, the better you will get at following a beat, reading music notation, and switching chords without looking at your hands.

C Chord Playalong Practice

A minor chord playalong practice

F Chord Playalong Practice

Practice these video over and over again until you have mastered reading music notation and switching from chord to chord.
Visit my channel often to practice new chords!


You have many options! Here are some that I recommend:

~You can strum downwards using the chunky part of your thumb
~You can use the side of your thumb
~You can use the backside of your index finger (nail)
~Or another way that feels natural for your fingers and wrist.

Note: If using a pick, be careful! Most ukuleles don't have pick guards, so you can damage the wood on your ukulele over time. If you really want to use a pick I recommend you buy a pick guard. Even a simple/affordable one will save your ukulele!

$7 Pickguard Amazon Link


Drum Beat Loop Created by daniB5000
Channel Link

Ukulele Chord Reference Book

Looking to buy an ukulele?

Ukulele Stickers Video!


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