Lion Sleeps Tonight - Chord Progression Tutorial!

C - F - C - G7

Chord Progression

The Lion Sleeps Tonight
(from The Lion King)

Welcome to Ukulele School! The place where you can learn how to hold your ukulele, play chords, and strum! In this video we will be learning how to play the C-F-C-G7 Chord Progression. 

This chord progression can be used to play The Lion King's Lion Sleeps Tonight song! We will learn which fingers to use on each chord and we will also learn how to transition from chord to chord.

In order to play this chord progression correctly, we have to start by playing C chord with the ring finger. Playing C chord with the ring finger will leave our middle and index fingers free and ready to play F chord. 

F chord should be played with the index and middle fingers. When moving back to C chord, you should make sure that your ring finger is right on top of the C chord position. 

G7 chord is played with 3 fingers; the index, middle,  and ring fingers. After playing G7 you slide to C. 

Repeat this chord progression for the whole song!

Would you like to download the chord charts that I made? They tell you which fingers to use on which string! 
Click below.

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