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My name is Bernadette and I am an elementary music teacher in Okinawa, Japan. I began teaching ukuleles in the classroom about 5 years ago and have had an opportunity to play with several ukulele brands so far.

Most of my subscribers on YouTube and most of my students' parents always want to know which ukuleles they should buy or avoid. It can be a little overwhelming choosing one instrument when there are so many to choose from. 

I have created several categories below to help you with your search. I made sure that all of the ukuleles that I added links to were ukuleles that had good ratings. If you buy an instrument from this list, let us know in the comments so that future buyers can hear from real people!

Thank you!

Ukuleles that I Buy and Avoid for My Classroom

In this video I share with you the ukuleles that have been a total disappointment and the ukuleles that I would buy again. Don't waste your money on a cheap-sounding ukulele!

Ukuleles I Have Tested

These are ukuleles that I own or that I have purchased for my classroom. The brands below have been played by hundreds of students every week, so they have stood the test of time! 

Price $100-$200

Best Selling Ukuleles on Amazon

Amazon has a search feature that allows you to see the top-selling products in each category. I searched for the best-selling ukuleles and was very pleased to see how affordable they were. If you choose one from this list, make sure to read the reviews thoroughly and search for them on YouTube as well. Many people film video reviews so that you can hear what the instrument sounds like!

Price $60-$90

Best Rated Ukuleles on Amazon

Using the search filters on Amazon, I found the best-rated ukuleles. Even though they are highly rated, I still recommend that you do a quick Google search and YouTube search to see the ukulele in action. 

Price $60-$95

Best Ukuleles According to the Pros

As you can see, the prices in this category are much higher than in the other categories. Once people are invested in the instrument, they don't mind splurging a little bit for a nicer instrument. I found most of these ukuleles on 'Ukulele Reviews' section of the Got A Ukulele website. 

Price~ $200-$650

Ukuleles My Subscribers Have Purchased

I have a wonderful community of subscribers from my YouTube who tell me all about their ukuleles. These are the ukuleles that my subscribers have purchased (and enjoyed) recently. 

Price $80-$300


  1. Hello, I recently started watching your YouTube videos and that's how I got here. Thanks for all the info you provide. I'm looking at buying my first Ukulele and can't decide. But, I think I'm going to go with this Aklot - it's on the cheaper side but it's made of Mahogany (not laminated) and has pretty good Amazon reviews. If you haven't already - you should check it out!

  2. I'm really confused. I like the videos, but you have five recommended lists and I have no idea how to access them. For example, the section "Ukuleles I Have Tested" mentions "the brands below." But there are no brands below! And there are no clickable links that I can see. Where do I find your lists?


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