10 Most Important Chords For Ukulele Beginners

Most Important Ukulele Chords

Are you new to playing the ukulele? Would you like to know which chords you will use most?
This video will present the most frequently used chords on ukulele and how to play those chords. 

My recommendation: watch this video over and over again until you have memorized these chords. That way, when you look up that new song you want to learn, you are likely to have most (if not all) of the chords in your memory bank.

Each Chord's Video Tutorial

Just in case you need a more focused lesson on each of the chords in the video above, I have linked the video tutorials below. Each video focuses on one chord, helping you master it. 

1. C Major Chord Tutorial

2. G Major Chord Tutorial

3. F Major Chord Tutorial

4. D Major Chord Tutorial

5. A Minor Chord Tutorial

6. A Major Chord Tutorial

7. D Minor Chord Tutorial

8. B Flat Major Chord Tutorial

9. D7 Chord Tutorial

10. G7 Chord Tutorial

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