Rhythm Drills Level 3!

In level 3 of the rhythm drills I introduce half notes. Just to recap, students learned quarter notes and quarter rests in level 1, we introduced eighth notes in level 2, and we moved on to half notes in level 3. Half notes are a little bit more challenging for younger students because it requires the student to "feel" the second beat. They either say "1 - 2" or "ta-ah"
With quarter notes and quarter rests, students said "ta rest ta rest" -these are easy for students because they are constantly moving. 
Level 2 adds the "ti-ti" or "1-and," which is also fast-paced. 
Level 3 really demands that students wait, listen to the drum beat, count in their head, and look ahead! I haven't introduced this video to my students yet (I just started working at this new school a few weeks ago). Once I introduce this (probably in the new school year), I will come back and report on how it went. 

Meanwhile, I hope that this video and the ones below can help you and your kids practice rhythms in a fun and engaging way.

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Some students like to follow the videos, others like to read the page in front of them. Personally, I don't mind which one they follow, as long as they're reading the rhythms and trying their best to stay with the drum loop. 

All rhythm drills videos

Starting with level 1


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