Stomp Performances My Students Enjoy

What is a musical instrument?
Can anything be an instrument?
What is music?
How do you know?

As an anticipatory set to watching Stomp performances, I ask students these questions.

We then proceed to watch the first 30 seconds of the performance. I pause the video and ask the students to name all of the "instruments" they heard and saw.
At first, some students are confused because they did not see any instruments being used. We then watch again and the answers start pouring in.
One student will say, "the chair made noise!" and another will follow with, "the pen and his mouth made noise!"
I press on, "What else did you hear?"
We watch the first part again and then I let the students discuss their answers with their group/partner.

Once I get them looking at the video this way, I know they will be much more conscious of every sound-making element used in the video. If I didn't have this anticipatory activity, the students would be entertained, I would take attendance, and then we would move on. But no, this is not what I want. i want the students to be active, inquisitive listeners. They should be looking for the details, for what someone else might have missed.



Dishwashers Are Crazy

Why I chose these two videos

These two videos are the ones that I noticed my students enjoyed the most. I will, from time to time, introduce other Stomp videos to this activity, but I notice that they don't have the same effect. I want my students to laugh, be curious, engaged, and inspired. The two videos in this post do just that every time with every class.

If you have other Stomp videos that work with your students, let me know! I'd love to give them a try.

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