RESPECT Ukulele Tutorial Inspired by Aretha Franklin + Free Printable

Respect Ukulele Tutorial 

inspired by Aretha Franklin
As a tribute to her life and career, here is a humble ukulele tutorial for Respect. 


If you'd like to follow along to this tutorial with a road map, follow this link! Please be careful! One of the sheets is for ukuleles tuned GCEA and the other sheet is for baritone ukuleles (tuned DGBE). Follow the right one for your instrument!

this is what the road map looks like! Feel free to download it at the link provided above :)


a tribute to Aretha Franklin

There's no arguing that Aretha Franklin's voice and energy made this song a trademark. Even though the song was originally written and performed by Otis Redding, most people would associate this song with Aretha Franklin's incredible voice.

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