The company who sent me this ukulele to review loved the BTM community so much that they asked to sponsor a giveaway with us! I thought that a fun way to get people involved and playing with friends would be to do a "2 people 1 uke" contest. If you'd like to see the entries, look through the comments section of this video

Here are the top competitors... you will also find the winners here!


What I loved about this entry
  • You were focused
  • You memorized a long song
  • You were synchronized
I hope that you continue learning songs like this together! Both of you laughing at the end made me laugh too :)


What I loved about this entry
  • You were jamming outside
  • You sang :)
  • Your friends were feeling the music and singing along
I'd love to see this become a regular thing, where you perform and get other people singing too. You look like you're a lot of fun!


What I loved about this entry
  • You played a song that there was a tutorial for on the BTM channel!
  • The setting is absolutely beautiful. I feel like I am out camping with you.
  • Your energy was so positive and lovely.
I can see your skills have improved SO MUCH since the first video you sent me and I am SO PROUD of you. Continue practicing, it is showing!


What I loved about this entry
  • Your personality is very charming
  • Your intentions were so good (she wanted to win this uke for her friend)
  • The song was in a good range for your voice
Thank you so much for your involvement in the community. I always love reading your sweet comments. 


What I loved about this entry
  • Father/daughter bond!!! The way you two looked at each other during the playing was very touching.
  • You played to your strengths. Your dad is great at strumming and you have beautiful, long fingers for making chords!
  • You looked very comfortable playing together.
I hope you learn a holiday piece together and play it for your family. I think they would LOVE that! 


What I loved about this entry
  • The fingerstyle intro. The chords played had a very moody tone and I liked it.
  • Playing the ukulele as a percussive instrument. 
  • You sang together
Thank you so much for entering! I really enjoyed your performance! :)


What I loved about this entry
  • You were outside being eaten by mosquitoes and you still made the video!!! #respect!
  • You synchronized very well together :)
  • You added bloopers at the end of the video!
It has been so nice connecting with you these past few weeks. Thank you for being a part of the BTM community and for making this funny video. I loved it :)


What I loved about this entry
  • You did some editing on your video! There was an intro image and music. You also introduced yourselves! You obviously know how to make a YouTube video ;)
  • Your performance included a bit of fingerpicking! Not easy to do in a pair!
  • You both had singing parts!
You had a very nice beat and strum. Please continue to participate in future giveaway contests. You were fantastic together and one of my favorite entries!


What I loved about this entry
  • You had an introduction and greeted me! I felt like I was there with you even though we are really far away.
  • Your mother was absolutely charming. I love that she's a musician too!
  • Your voice was incredible! You have a beautiful timbre and good control of it.
Please please please continue practicing and playing. You are VERY talented and I want to see more of you!


What I loved about this entry
  • This was a very engaging video. You took a lot of time to write the cards.
  • You were creative. You didn't have someone to play with, so instead of have "2 people 1 uke" you had "2 ukes 1 person"
  • You have grown so much as a musician. I was impressed with your chord switching and strumming. I see you have improved and that you've been practicing. 
This is one of my top 5 most engaged subscribers. Thank you so much for always being there. I really appreciate your enthusiasm, participation, and how active you are. Hope to see more of your videos in the future!


What I loved about this entry
  • You wore a cardigan together!!! So hilarious!!!
  • You both sang and harmonized together
  • This was a very well organized performance. 
Please continue participating in the giveaways! You were SO close to winning!!!


What I loved about this entry
  • Performing together in a public place (music is meant to be shared!)
  • You challenged your daughter to perform for a camera and in public.
  • Your daughter went through with it, even if she was nervous. She pushed past her fears
I would love to see more of your duets together or even a video with your son! Thank you for your entry and congratulations on your win! The ukulele is on its way :) Thank you so much for being so active in the BTM community. I really appreciate how much you participate, answer other people's questions, and help others. Your heart for this community is huge and this is a way for me to thank you for everything you've done. 

Thank you for everyone who participated. When you write comments, I always wonder what you all look like and what you sound like when you play. These videos helped me feel much more connected to you. 


Flight Ukulele company is sponsoring a new giveaway for the Bernadette Teaches Music community! All you have to do to enter is follow these 2 steps!
  1. Follow @flightukulele @plazi @yoshinous on instagram
  2. Comment your username on the YouTube video so that we can check you followed the three of us! That's it!

Here are the links to the accounts

Here is the link to the video
Comment your instagram username on this video's comments section so that we can verify you've participated. 


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