Upgrading my ukulele's strings! Is it time to change your strings?

Raise your hand if 

You have never changed the strings on your ukulele! 
Keep your hand up if you haven't done it because 
  • You're nervous
  • You're too lazy to change them 
  • Confused about when to do it
  • Or afraid to make a mistake!
Do you have another reason? Comment it below

For me... it was that I forgot and I was lazy and I was still okay with the tone my ukulele was producing. Then Ernie Ball sent over these strings and I got really curious. I changed the strings on one of my ukuleles during an instagram livestream and I LOVED the result.

Now we will change the strings on one of my top 5 favorite ukes (this blue enya) and upgrade its sound! Let me know in the comments what you think ;)

When should you change your strings?

This totally depends on you and it a super tricky question to answer. Imagine someone asking, "when should I buy new shoes?" The answer depends on how much they walk/use their shoes!

If you're playing your ukulele every day and practicing a nice chunk of time, then you might want to change your strings every year (some people change them every 6 months). 

After some time, strings sound a little dull and lose some of their tone, so if you start noticing your ukulele doesn't quite ring like it used to, change the strings!

If you're interested in the strings mentioned here, follow this link https://amzn.to/2XGovol
Ukulele used: Enya EUC-MAD https://amzn.to/2XGohO1

How to change the strings on a pull-through bridge


  1. Leave all the strings on except the one you're changing
  2. Push string through bridge on the top side
  3. Pull string out through sound hole
  4. Hold on to other end of the string
  5. Tie string to a bead, washer or make a big note
  6. Pull the string towards headstock
  7. Set string on its wedge in the nut
  8. Position string correctly, following the other string's pattern
  9. Pull string through tuner loop
  10. Tighten the string's tension by tightening the tuner
  11. Leave excess string for now
  12. Tune ukulele for the next few days
  13. Cut off excess once tuning sets.

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  1. Hello Ms.B!
    Thanks for the lessons. The blue ukulele looks as nice as it sounds.
    My one and only ukulele, ( it's ok, because I really like it.) has a bridge like that. It's made by Aklot. A laminate side,back and solid mahogany top. The bridge is shaped like a bird with out steched wings. Has Aquilla strings. I've been playing almost every day for a year and a half. The strings still sound good. Once the strings settled in, I tune the uke less than my guitars which get a string change about every four months. Enough ChitChat! I have a string question. My ukulele came with an extra set of strings. They are not marked which one is which. How can I make sure the strings go in the proper place?

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