The Gear I Use to Make My Videos on YouTube and Instagram

The Gear I Use to Make My Videos

I make music education and entertainment videos and share these videos on Instagram and YouTube. Recently people have been asking about my gear and my process. I never imagined that anyone would care about this side of my channel, but I am happy to share! 

This tutorial was filmed with the gear I will talk about today!

I remember being confused and overwhelmed when I was trying to figure out what I needed in order to be a good YouTuber. There are so many options out there and so many videos telling you what to buy, that it can be super stressful to decide what will work for you. 

My gear/setup is pretty simple and I think it would help anyone get started or build on their current setup if all they have at the moment is a camera phone.


If you don't want to read the article and simply want links to the gear, click on any of the items below. If you'd like to read about my experience with this gear and why I chose it, pros and cons, then keep scrolling. 

Sony Alpha 5000 Mirrorless Camera

Why this camera
  • User-friendly (you turn it on and push the record button).
  • It is teeny tiny. Easy to travel with and lightweight
  • Takes high definition video
  • Sound: Sony cameras have received high ratings for their sound. I will invest in a better microphone eventually but for now, I am satisfied with the built-in microphone
What I don't like about it
  • It can only record about 25 continuous minutes of video (camera gets hot and needs to cool down). 
To make the camera quality look even better, I invested in a lens and OMG it made the biggest difference. People were asking if I had purchased a new camera. Nope! It was just the lens! The camera comes with a great lens already. I recommend that you invest in a lens once you have gotten used to the camera and making content with it. To be honest, I wouldn't recommend buying the lens until AFTER this hobby starts making you money.

Camera on Amazon
Lens on Amazon

MacBook Pro

Why this computer
  • It is lightweight. I can travel with this laptop and edit at the airport, on the train and at home. I can easily move from the dinner table to a desk. 
  • The trackpad. I have my trackpad programmed to perform many functions and this makes me work faster.
  • Final Cut Pro X. This computer is compatible with the editing software I use (more on that later).
What I don't like about it
  • I wish I had paid the extra hundred dollars for extra memory space. After I have made a few song tutorials for YouTube, I have to delete all of the Final Cut Pro files to make more space. 
Laptop on Amazon

Soft Box Lighting Kit

Why these lights
  • They take up very little space. Once they are collapsed, they fit in a small suitcase or in the back corner of my closet.
  • Easy set up. If you can setup a camera tripod, you can setup these lights.
  • They are enough. I don't need more lights, which means I don't need to spend more
What I don't like about them
  • No complaints here!
Soft Box Lighting Kit on Amazon

This might be the only item on the list that I thought I didn't need until I had it. This fotopro tripod has seen better days, but that's because I use it SO MUCH. I use this tripod even more than the fancy tripod I bought to film my tutorials with. 

Why this tripod
  • The legs allow me to attach my camera to anything
  • The ball joint at the top of the tripod lets me angle the camera to make fine adjustments
  • The tripod easily holds the weight of the camera
  • The tripod comes with a cell phone attachment, so you can use it to go live on YouTube and Instagram. 
What I don't like about this tripod
  • Again, no complaints! I'm happy I bought it and I would buy it again. I recommend this to anyone who makes videos. 
Fotopro Tripod on Amazon

My Videos

I will continue making music-related content as long as people watch and enjoy it. I would like to invite you to join our community. We have people from all over the world who like to hang out with online. 

My main gig is my YouTube channel. You can find the YouTube channel here 
The funnest place to find me for music entertainment is on my instagram page here
and if you'd like a page dedicated to ukulele play-alongs, you can find that instagram page here


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