Bad Moon Rising Chords, Cover and Play-Along

Here is a 3-chord play-along for Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival. You can play along to this video on ANY instrument! In this video Ricky, the singer, is playing a tenor ukulele, I am playing a baritone ukulele, and Tyler is playing a guitar. How cool is that?  No matter what you play, you can jam with us on this video.

How to play this song

Chords used: D, A, G -simple!
The strumming pattern varies, but it goes something like this

D Chord: DD UDU
A Chord: DD
G Chord: DD
D Chord: DD UDU
D Chord: DD UDU

G Chord: DD UDU 2x
D Chord: DD UDU 2x
A Chord: DD UDU
G Chord: DD UDU
D Chord: DD UDU

Video Details

Tyler, from the Ten Thumbs Pro Channel, came up with the idea for this video. He wanted something that would resemble That 70’s Show. We had our friend, Angel Esparza, filmed it for us. He was squatting in the center of the room, holding a camera and stabilizer, and rotating while each of us played. The difficult part is that this video had to be done in one shot, so it took a few tries to get it right from beginning to end.

The three of us shot this video together because we were roommates for the week of the NAMM Show. Ricky Somborn, the lead singer, is playing the Kala gloss ukulele in tenor size. He also installed low G D’Addario strings.
You can see this ukulele here:
You can see the low G strings here:
Ricky’s Channel:

Tyler Austenfeld, the guitarist, is playing a guitar made by Enya Music. We saw this guitar at the NAMM Show and Tyler received it as a gift.
You can see this guitar here:
Tyler’s Channel:

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