Creep: Radiohead Ukulele Tutorial (Taught by a Music Teacher)

Welcome! Today we will learn how to play Creep by Radiohead. We will be playing the same chords as the original version, so you can play along with the original recording.  I'm going to be completely honest with you... this tutorial is challenging BUT if you have been avoiding barred chords, use this tutorial as your opportunity to get past that hurdle. Think about it this way: you could cross the barre chord milestone if you commit to this song and, most importantly, to your practice.  


G, B, C and Cm
G C and Cm are easy. The most challenging part of this song is switching from G to B. 
My recommendation for getting past this challenge: practice switching without the strumming hand. Work on developing the muscle memory of your fretboard hand. You'll be amazed at what 2 minutes of practicing this will do. 


  • Easy: d d D d (accent the 3rd downstrum by making it louder) 
  • Intermediate: D D D DU  
  • Advanced: Soft D D D DU in intro and verses, change loudness levels throughout song to add expression. Add DU strums before choruses. 


  • 4-3-2-1 
  • 4-3-21-3 
  • All-3-2-1  


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This is a playlist link to the first challenge. This one is for absolute beginners. You can review the challenge if you need to and/or you can share this link with someone to help get them into our ukulele family ;) This challenge also has a free printable resource and the hashtag we used throughout social media is #30DayUkeChallenge  


The 30 Day Uke Course is a challenge for intermediate ukulele players. Make sure you have mastered E chord (or are ready to master it) for this challenge.  

MUSIC CREDITS Music by Cole Brandt


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