LAVA U UKULELE ACOUSTIC ELECTRIC REVIEW - Play with effects without plugging in!

Hello! Today we are looking at the Lava U ukulele from Lava Music. This is a funky-looking ukulele that comes in colors red, black, pink, the purple seen in this video, and a gold-ish tone. The description on the website calls this a "Sparkle Purple" but the color is flat, not sparkly. Please keep this in mind if you decide to order the ukulele. I am pretty sure this will apply to the other colors as well. This is not a negative or a positive, this is just an observation.  


This ukulele has built-in effects for you to play with like reverb, delay & chorus with or without plugging in. If you wanted to plug this in, the ukulele has a pickup as well and you could still hear these effects on the amplifier. To learn more, order, and see the price, follow this link:


The ukulele also comes with a custom case (the one seen in the video thumbnail). To be honest with you, the case reminds me of Eva from Wall-e! It's cute and futuristic, but it definitely shows what is inside. The case is lined with a soft black fabric. There is a compartment for you to store a ukulele tuner, extra strings, or anything like that under the neck area of the case.  


This ukulele comes with a pick, charging cable, and the case. The charging cable plugs into the pickup. The other end of the cable is USB, so it can be connected to a computer or to any phone charger that has a USB input. This is very convenient. An instruction manual is also included. The ukulele is easy enough to figure out without it, but it is a nice addition.  


There is an on/off button inside the sound hole. This button allows you to go back and forth between an acoustic sound or the sound of the effects. You can choose from reverb, delay and chorus. There is also a knob for volume.  

The knobs are super duper smooth. They were a little difficult for me to turn with long nails! They were easy to turn with my short nails.   The finish has texture to it. It is barely there, but there is texture to it. In discussing this with a friend, he said it reminded him of Apple's process of adding texture to their phones.  


I don't talk about machine heads (tuners) often, but my favorite tuning machines are the planetary geared tuners and I've only ever seen them on two ukuleles. EVER. This ukulele has "screwless" tuning machines and I don't know what that means, but let me tell you... these tuners give planetary geared tuners a run for their money. I LOVED this ukulele's tuners. They were silky smooth, super quiet, and they moved effortlessly. Tuning was as smooth, if not smoother, than with planetary geared tuners.  

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You can learn more about the Lava U ukulele in the link above and also see the other ukulele colors available.  When you buy anything from Amazon after going there from one of my links, Amazon pays me a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for your support!


If this is your first time visiting this blog, welcome! My name is Bernadette and I am a music teacher. I used to teach in the classroom, but have now turned into a full time YouTube teacher. I mainly teach ukulele, but sometimes we add other content here and on the channel. 


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