Baritone Ukulele Challenge for Beginners #BariLeleChallenge Videos + Printable

Welcome to the first baritone ukulele challenge! In this challenge we will be learning the basics in the first half and then we will be playing songs in the second half of the challenge.
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Day 1 - Setting Up Your Uke Zone

In today's video we get ourselves ready for the challenge. I give you links to connect with other people participating in the challenge, access to the printable, and teach you how to set up your space and your instrument for the challenge. We have to prepare in order to come into this challenge with the right mindset. 

Day 2 - How to Tune Your Baritone Ukulele

Tuning is a very important part of playing any instrument. Playing an instrument that is in tune will help with your ear training and development as a musician. In today's video we tune our instruments together. I also share some common tuning mistakes that many of my students make. If you are not comfortable tuning, watch this video. Always tune your instrument before practicing. 

Day 3 - Ukulele Anatomy

Ukuleles have many little body parts. It is important for us to be on the same page with our instrument vocabulary so that you understand what I mean when I ask you to play "where the fingerboard and the body meet." In this video I also mention some differences that ukuleles have and will ask you to notice a few details in your instrument. This is a fun video in our #barilelechallenge :)  

Day 4 - How to Hold a Baritone Ukulele

Where should the ukulele rest? On your legs or on your chest? Where should we strum? Where should my fingers be when I'm not playing a chord? In today's video I will help you find a comfortable position for holding your ukulele. Baritone ukuleles are a little chunkier than other ukus, so it does take some maneuvering to find that right spot! 

Day 5 - How to Pick and Strum

Today we will be doing two different strumming techniques and two different picking techniques. Practice these different techniques before we move forward because we will use all of these with songs and scales we will be learning later in this challenge. 

Day 6 - Your First Chords

In today's video we will be learning 5 one-finger chords. These are chords that only require one finger on the fretboard at a time. As you play through this video, take notice of your breathing, your posture and your positioning. We are doing easier chords so that we establish good habits from now. Do NOT have the attitude of "I'll fix this later." Start it off right from now :)

Day 7 - Chromatic Scale

The chromatic scale has arrived! Today we are learning how to play the chromatic scale from low D to high D. Please use the printable for this lesson. Even though we do have the scale on screen, the printable also includes a key to show you where each note is on the fretboard.  To pick this scale, use the lesson on Day 5 where we learned how to pick :) 

Day 8  - More Chords

Today we will be adding more fingers to the fingerboard! We will play 3 different two-finger chords. It is a bit of a leap to go from one-finger chords to two-finger chords because now we will really have to be careful about the strings we are touching and the strings we are not supposed to touch. There are two main chords you'll have to learn and one more bonus one that I wanted to add because it's a neat chord. I hope you enjoy this lesson!

Day 9 - 3-Finger Chords

Today we will be adding even more fingers to the fingerboard and chords to our chord library. All of the chords you are learning now are fundamental for your journey as a baritone ukulele player. These chords are also preparing you to one day play the guitar if you would like to take that leap as well. We will be playing D, D7, Dm, A and Am chords today. Make sure your barilele is tuned ;) 

Day 10 - Barred Chords

Today we will be working out our hands so that we begin to play barred chords. Barred chords require us to hold down multiple strings with one finger. This takes more energy and focus at first than the other chord shapes. Please try to remember that this is a workout. Watch this video every day for a week and practice these chords. After a week you will definitely see results and feel your hand getting stronger. 

Printable Resource

I make printable resources for my Patreon members who pledge $5 a month or more. This challenge's printable is available for free for everyone. If you would like the printable resource that goes along with this challenge, click here: #BariLeleChallenge. It is on my Patreon website, but it's free :) 


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  2. Hello Bernadette, thank you for all your wonderful lessons. I am a 3 month novice based in Amsterdam but have learned via on a borrowed uke ((a Cordoba) using the 30 day challenges. I am thinking of buying my first uke and have found two I like. A Martin and a Leho. I don't need more background on the Martin - I know all about their heritage from guitars but the Leho is winning at the moment. I like the guitar style headstock, the finish, the action, the bright tone and the robust neck. Its also cheaper. Know much about them? Views?


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