New Ways to Play C Chord and Not Be Boring!

5 Ways to Play C Chord

Ukelanders! In today's video I would like to challenge you to trade your traditional C chord position for one of these (at least once in a while). 

For many of us, C chord is the first chord we learn. We memorize this chord first and often move on to learning other chords. 

Now I would like you to come back to this foundational chord and memorize these new ways to play it. 

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How to play these chords

  1. 0003
  2. 0007
  3. 000 10
  4. 000 15
  5. 5543
  6. 9787 (bonus)

The numbers above are fret numbers. They are in GCEA order. Let's look at it this way

on strings G, C and A do not press any frets. On String A, press fret 3. 

The best ways to learn something new are to 1. apply the learning and 2. teach it to someone else. So here's my suggestion for you: replace your 0003 C with another one from the list. Also teach someone new the first 4 C variations. 

Ukulele used in this video 
Enya EUS 25D in Soprano Size 

Link to the dress I'm wearing  

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  1. 5433... so, not 5543 as it is written above ;). Thank you for the video! It's been fun!


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