LIFE VLOG: Sharing a bit of my life with you...

Dear YouTube family,   

today I'd like to celebrate reaching the 300,000 subscriber milestone with you by sharing a bit of my life with you. I know that some of you don't want to see vlogs... you like seeing tutorials and educational content. Don't worry, that is still the focus of this channel.   

This vlog is because I feel really connected to some of the people in this community and I want to share these special moments in my life with you. Those of you who are in my Patreon family, in my Ukelandia family on Facebook, in my instagram family, those of you who comment on videos regularly, and the ukulele content creators who have supported my journey.  

This vlog includes the birthday surprise that Jaime (my partner) prepared for me,  the drive-thru baby shower, the baby shower family dinner, our babymoon trip to Durango, Colorado, Christmas decorating, and a short tour of my YouTube studio. -Please let me know if you'd like me to make a thorough YouTube studio video :) all you have to do is ask! 

This channel gets its fair share of negative and hateful comments, but your outpouring of love and support completely overshadows any negativity that comes my way. Thank you for that. Back when my channel had under 100k, I thought about quitting after I saw some really hateful comments directed at me. Your kind comments and messages kept me going and now we have 300k+ in our community. Ukulele players truly have the largest hearts.   



Helpful links: 
Cody Airspun powder mentioned in this video: 
Futon in my studio: 
Ukulele reviewed in Colorado: 



  1. Hi Bernadette. Ignore the "haters". Most "haters" I know don't even like themselves. Please know the rest of us appreciate what you have done for the uke community.

    Uke on!

    Tom Hahn

  2. Hello! I've recently discovered you and your channel - just started learning ukulele for the past couple of months. Being nearly 40 and a full time working mom during this lockdown, learning to play this instrument has been a life saver! I've watched a few of your videos now and I cannot believe the world is so messed up to the point that "haters" would nearly lead you to quit this amazing work of yours. Please don't. You're talented, entertaining and a source of inspiration! Much love and respect from a Brazilian expat in Mexico

  3. Yeah it's me again, from the previous comment (which I posted before watching the full blog of this post). I love it! Belated Congratulations on your birthday and your baby girl! And because you asked on the video: a) I had a Persian cat (while pregnant of my daughter) and he loved being cuddled, but not carried, so there you go; b) as for TV shows I highly recommend Derry Girls (Netflix); c) your studio looks amazing (and yes, bigger on tutorials videos).

  4. Absolutely Bernadette- haters goin’ hate - do you! Love your videos and I enjoy all of your videos, I think it’s really nice to get to know your teacher 😜 - it builds a relationship with your viewer and you are so likeable- best wishes for your new arrival- try rest up now Momma to be. Sending you good vibes from Ireland 🇮🇪.... ps. Newbie to Ukelele since September and even though I’m not a ‘great student’ - you lady are a great teacher 🙌🏻


  5. My first comment disappeared so I will try again...I was behind the times as I thought you were still in Japan and sent you a long email of wonderful Japanese friends who are musicians/teachers etc you might like to connect with. Congratulations on your baby and I'm glad you let love carry you above the hate. Hugs from California, thank you for doing this community and education

  6. Wow, hard to imagine why anyone would want to post unsavoury comments when all you do is spread smiles, fun and happiness through your posts. I guess no matter what you try to do to help people in this world, there’s going to be people who can’t be helped.

    Many thanks to you for your lessons, many thanks to your followers whose posts are also very informative and interesting. I love to see your reviews and, after seeing one on the Resonator tenor from ... I think it was SoundSmith ... I can see another purchase looming.

    Keep at it Bernadette, if you have time away from the baby. If not, we’ll understand.

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  10. I just ordered my first ukulele from Amazon. It will be delivered on Saturday. I'm 56 years old and I have absolutely NO musical experience. Looking forward to your videos to show and help me learn to play this instrument.


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