How I Resigned from Teaching to Become a YouTuber

In today's video I will be sharing the 10 steps that I took to transition from being a classroom teacher to a full-time YouTuber.      


  1. Don't get carried away buying tech and gear. Start now with what you've got. I made my first videos with an iPhone 4s years ago and those videos still get lots of views. That's because what matters most is the quality of the information in the video, not the video quality.     
  2. Analyze the channels that you already watch. How do these youtubers format their videos? Get straight to the point of your video within the first 10 seconds of your video. You should start by answering the question that the viewer came to you to answer. If you're creating instagram content, get to the point in the first 2 seconds.
  3. Start today. You won't have "more time" in the summer break or the winter break. If you keep putting it off, you probably won't start and you probably won't succeed. You won't have time to do this later... you will make the time to do this if you really want it.
  4. I stopped watching tv, movies, and going out as often. I also reduced the amount of things I had in my home, which made it much easier for me to clean my home. Reduce your clutter and make your home cleaner and more spacious. I don't know why this works, but it does.
  5. Learn how to manage your finances. I learned by watching the Dave Ramsey Show and listening to audiobooks about finances. 
  6. Focus on building one platform first. If you want to grow on YouTube, focus on YouTube first. If you want to grow on Teachers Pay Teachers, learn all there is to learn about making money there and focus on growing your store first. Many of the people I have seen quit failed because they were super inspired and motivated to start their online business and they ended up burning out because they tried to do it all at once. 
  7. Keep your full time job, don't quit your full time job. Once you start making a steady stream of income online, reduce your day job to a part-time job.
  8. Don't spend the money you start to bring in from your online business. Save it or invest it.
  9. Write down your goals and break them down to smaller mini goals that you can see as baby milestones. 
  10. LEAVE YOUR JOB on a good note. Resign once you're making a steady stream of income that is almost the same (or more) than what you make in your day job. Be responsible.     


TIP: If you struggle talking to the camera: envision yourself teaching in the classroom the same way you already teach. Instead of seeing the lens and feeling like you're talking to an inanimate object, visualize your students. Pretend you're seeing their reactions, mistakes and successes. Talk to the camera as if you're seeing your viewer on the other end and engage with them the way you would in person.      



I was having a really hard time teaching because my planning period and time before/after school kept being taken away because I had to attend more meetings and fulfill more duties outside of the classroom. There was so much to do outside of planning and teaching, that I became fatigued and irritable.    

I also saw that schools kept reducing the number of breaks and recess minutes for the children and I didn't agree with that. Children need to run, play and socialize in order to focus and be good students when we expect them to focus in the classroom.    

I created my YouTube channel while I was a full time teacher. Once I had a steady income coming in, I became a part-time teacher so that I could dedicate more time to the channel. Once the channel was bringing in $2500/month, I knew I could resign and use my time to match and exceed my teaching salary.       

Is this the right move for you? Maybe. If you are willing to learn how to maximize your reach and improve your content, then I think you could be successful. If you think you will succeed because you watch YouTube all the time and think it's easy, then this is not the right move for you.


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