How To Tune Low G Ukulele

Dear friends!   

Patreon member Karen sent in a question about how to tune a ukulele with low G string tuning. Karen asked if I could make a short tutorial showing how to tune low G uke. Thank you for the question and the request, Karen! 

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How to tune low G 

Set your tuner to chromatic or C intonation.  If your tuner doesn't have a chromatic setting, it may be listed as "C"  Chromatic definition - relating to or using notes not belonging to the diatonic scale of the key in which a passage is written. This means that all of the notes in the scale can be detected.   

Ukuleles used: 

The high G ukulele I used is the all-solid mahogany ukulele from Enya (EUT-MS).  

The ukulele with low G strings in this video is the E6 from Enya Music. This ukulele is an incredible instrument with built-in effects that make it sound like it is connected to effect pedals and an amplifier. I added Oasis low G strings to this instrument  

Cute clip-on tuner: 

I couldn't find the exact tuner from this video, but I found this cute one


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  3. Nice post but still trying to see how i can apply this but not bad, i enjoyed it very well even the mp3 download part

  4. My roommates and I just found out that we're all learning how to play the ukulele and now we're bonding with your vids with some drinks and wild strumming! I wanted to show appreciation for helping our house be less awkward and our nights just a bit more musical. Thank you for the lessons!

  5. What is the tuning instrument that has the string winder called/where can I buy one!-Thank you!

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